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Working With Wordpress

If you have not heard of wordpress by now, you probably are very new to the internet. If so, no worries, because both veteran and novice alike can consider utilizing wordpress as a content management system (cms), a great foundation for a vast majority of websites.

Some of the brands with which you might be familiar, only a few of the millions of websites utilizing wordpress:


There are many reasons to use wordpress... here is a short list:

  1. FREE! One of the major philosophies of the developers of WordPress is to keep the core of WordPress FREE!
  2. EASY to use - user-friendly! Updating areas of your site can be a breeze!
  3. Scalable - From the smallest site to those that have thousands of webpages - interactive, dynamic, and constantly updated content.
  4. It's been around and will be for quite some time. (Mature development)
  5. wordpress
    1. there is a tremendous amount OF SUPPORT and an entire community and industry have grown up around this CSM.
    2. many FREE Themes and Plugins! We can also do custom themes, either Parent (new) or Children (of existing) Wordpress Themse for you. This will be part of our planning phase!
    3. overall*, it's a secure platform.
  6. Search Engine friendly.
  7. Easily add a blog to your website.

Please, do not only take my word for it... if you have the time and inclination, do some research yourself. There are thousands of websites that will tell you all about how amazing WordPress can be.

(* We will want to discuss how to keep your WordPress up2date, and thereby keeping it secure. The core of WordPress has been secure for some time, but with all computer security, it's something to always consider, and there are 'best practices' in keeping it that way. Again, we will discuss it more, if this is the direction you are considering.)