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Ongoing Technical Support

Site Monitoring & Updating

Your website(s) will be continous, round the clock monitoring for updates. Updates on site(s) will be analyzed and implemented as decided on a case by case basis, as not all updates will necessarily need to be done immediately, as some website monitoring plugins are more prone to 'headache' than others. (In some cases, we will make recommendations on how to avoid such potential headaches by eliminating a plugin that is unnecessary or can be replaced with a more streamlined coding solution).

Included in keeping your wordpress website(s) up to date, we will keep an eye on security of the site(s), as the plugin that helps us keep up to date also helps us monitor potential security issues.

(Important note: in no way is this a comprehensive security solution for any site, although do know one of the greatest security risks for any site is not keeping it up to date, which we will take care of for you.)

The typical fee for each site is $25 (ask about discounts for more sites or yearly plans) a month, which is a monthly stipend guaranteeing an hour of time to take care of the site. If there is an issue with any site at any time and it requires more than 1 hour's time to resolve, we think it's reasonable to be compensated for the time spent on fixing any issues. (We will notify you before doing any additional work. We do not expect this to wordpress updates happen, if the site is setup in a 'correct manner', is not plugin heavy, and the updates are kept up appropriately (our job), although there are many reasons why this might happen. Please keep this in mind, and know we will be there to do whatever is needed to help keep your site in order. This will allow you to have less stress in regard to your site and free time up, allowing you to address other aspects of your business.

For your convenience, when you signup for this plan/membership, we will use the credit card you use for the initial payment for recurring billing on a monthly basis.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Website Hosting

Web hosting is comparable and arguably better than the most popular sites today: godday, bluehost, and many others. We are partnered with Green Greeks.com to provide you with the highest quialty shared hostign on the market today. Over the past sevearl years as developers, we have offered this service exclusively to your cleints, but now openiong it up for others who are intersted in the freedom and quality of one of the best hosting providers on the market today.

For more information, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.