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Just Getting Started?

What follows is an overview of the overall process, which can help you identify the greater context of how we move from start to finish, leaving the more technical side of things to

The Process...


Decisions, decisions...

  1. The Purpose of Your Website
    1. Business
    2. Personal
  2. The Plan
    1. Design Layout
    2. Content
  3. Development (Implement The Plan)

purposeThe Purpose

Although the higher and primary active purpose we serve in website creation is to share information, this is typically divided into two subcategories: business or personal.



There are a few different reasons for companies to create websites, and those reasons often dictate how we move forward with design and development. A few of these reasons are:

  • Generate Leads (sales, employment, vendors, etc.)
  • Provide a Public Inter-Face
  • Sell Goods or Services

For instance, a company that is providing a public face will not contain a shopping cart, whereas a company that sells goods perhaps will. Of course, this will change the layout (design) and functionality (development) of the website. As we have said in other areas of the site, 'it ain't rocket science', but there are considerations well-worth and integral to THE PROCESS.


In this category, most of you probably realize, the sky is the limit, just as many individuals out there, there are just as many personalized websites. Some people want to keep up with family and friends, share information with the world in general or specific persons with similar interests. Some have personal websites they use for a variety of personal reasons, not opening it up to the general public, but a password protected domain for whatever they might like: personal libraries of whatever subject matter or media digitally available, calendars, email programs, and so much more. The imagination seems like the only limitation as to what can be done on personal websites.

There are other types of websites, like those that share information. Whatever the design and development need, can help!

the_planThe Plan

When we talk on the phone, we will go through and take a look at different examples that suit your purpose(s) and go from there.

Please keep in mind, almost anything you see online can be reproduced in various ways, so it is advisable to do some research on your own, if business or personal. Look around the Internet at different websites that serve the same or similar purpose as your own, finding the ones (or parts of) you like the most, and when we plan out what you want for a website, we can more easily get the design you want.

    Aspects to consider:

  • Types of Pages:
    • Home
    • Contact
    • Photo Gallery
    • Multiple or Single Products
    • Shopping Cart
    • Various Forms for User Input
    • * Only to name a few of the vast array.
  • Layout - Rows and Columns
  • Color Schemes
  • Text - Fonts (and sizes)
  • Dynamics - active aspects of sites,
    buttons, banners, videos, hover over changes, etc.

Mockups. Once we have an idea of various aspects you want for your website, we can put what is called a "mockup" together and see if it suits your needs. Typically, this will be a graphics image of something similar to the colors and layout for which you are interested. After we have figured that out, we will move more and more inward or toward particulars, to text and more details content.

After we come up with The Plan, next comes...


This is where the most technical part of the work is done, all of the back-end work. This is most of where 'earns it's keep' and where the bulk of the work is done. This is where 'the magic' takes place: the sweat, blood, and tears (and great joy at times!).

If the purpose was well-understood, the plan well-formulated, then the implementation will be that much easier to accomplish. We will break down the development process into various stages, and find appropriate times when to show you our progress. No micro-management needed here, although we do look for feedback. It is a relationship and if mutually respectful, The Process, from start to finish, although there might be some tough times here and there, we will give birth to your creation, and a beautiful one it will be.

In closing, at any point in the process of deciding if you would like to design or create a website, often it is easier to simply give us a call, as we can find out where you are, where you want to go, and how to get you there. We can discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

IMPORTANT NOTE: can work with almost every aspect of your website, including graphics and copy. This will all depend on what you or your company are looking to have contracted out and what you want produced in-house. Many companies will have much of their own copy while others will not. As there are so many different degrees of need, so will there be so many different price ranges as to partnering with us. jk